The M.A. Program functions in the Social Work Department of West University Timisoara

10 ani Masterat PASOS-PASCV

Carols Concert at Areopagus

16 December 2011, 19:00

Dear professors, students and alumni of the M.A. Program ”Values – Focused Social Work Practice”,

Ten years is not a long span of time. Or maybe it is. It depends on whom you ask. It seems that in the Romanian academic context ten years of continuous operation of an M.A. program is gaining new meanings. That is why we consider it would be appropriate to organize a small event to celebrate the fact this autumn the PASCV / PASOS Program has commenced its 10th year. I thought that the somewhat festive tone of the event would resonate with that of the Christian carols therefore, on behalf of theAreopagus Center, I am pleased to send you the present invitation, hoping that you will honor us with your presence.

Best wishes,
Dr. Alexandru Neagoe, Associate Professor
West University Timisoara
Faculty of Sociology and Psychology
Social Work Department